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vehicle wrapsIf your business services a local area and has fleet vehicles, you may be wondering if spending the money to wrap them with your brand is beneficial. Numerous studies from 3M, the American Trucking Association and Outdoor Advertising Association of America all name fleet wrapping as one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising and branding your business. Depending on your service area and how long the vehicles are on the road each day, a wrapped vehicle can generate between 3,000 and 65,000 impressions a day. Think of a vehicle wrap like a post card mailer. You have a few seconds to make a powerful impression. The vast majority of drivers say that a branded car or truck had more impact than any other type of outdoor media like a billboard.

Cost Per Impression

Many types of advertising are measured in cost per impression (CPI). When you look at the CPI of TV and magazine you’re looking around $20.00 for every 1000 impressions. For fleet wrapping, your cost over the lifetime of the wrap (about 5-7 years) is less than 50 cents per 1000 impressions. The next closest major media costs nearly $4.00 per 1000 impressions which is a billboard.


When a buyer looks to make a decision about a purchase, they are influenced in many ways. Most people making a major buying decision go online and do research about a brand or business. When they go online and see a name that is familiar, even when they can’t remember why that name is familiar, they click on it. In a recent study by Moat, store conversion rates went up by 52.9% for viewable impressions. People who are familiar with your brand or name are more likely to make a purchase than someone seeing it for the first time.


A name that we’re familiar with and that we see in our neighborhood must be trusted, right? If your neighbors are using that company for their needs, you can too. When you have a fleet of vehicles on the road all branded identically, and a potential customer sees that vehicle, not only are you creating brand awareness but subconsciously you’re telling them that you’re a trusted brand because you’re everywhere and being used by everyone.

If you want an estimate on branding your fleet vehicles with a custom wrap, contact Reeder’s Auto Tint & Trim at 727-261-8468 or come by our facility at 13355 Belcher Road in Largo. We’ll provide you with a free estimate on the cost of wrapping your fleet.

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