window tint If you’ve thought about window tinting for your car but wonder if it’s really worth the money, it is. There are many benefits that come with window tinting besides the aesthetic value. If your car doesn’t have window film or you wonder if you should, here are why you should tint your windows.

1.      Protects the Inside of Your Car

The sun’s UV rays cause fading. If the inside of your car is faded, it looks bad. Some of the materials used on dashboards dry and crack in prolonged sun exposure. A good window tint filters out those harmful UV rays preventing fading and making for a more comfortable ride.

2.      Protects You in an Accident

Although car windows are made from different glass than the windows in your house, they can still shatter in an accident. With window film, the glass has another layer that holds it together, protecting you and your occupants a bit further in an accident.

3.      Protects Your Privacy

We all have tried to look inside a fancy car that we’ve come across in a parking lot and ones with tinted windows are significantly harder to see into. This helps prevent someone with bad intentions from breaking into your car if they don’t see anything they want. And maybe you’re someone who wants more privacy while riding or driving. Window tint provides it.

4.      Keeps You Cool

Sure, we’ve all wondered who that cool person was in the tinted limo but that’s not the benefit we’re sharing today. Tinted windows lower the solar heat gain, helping the inside of your car feel cooler. This benefits you when you have to get into your car after its been in the parking lot all day and while you’re driving.

5.      Better Visibility

With the strong sun most of the year here in Florida, we know how it feels to drive into the sun at sunrise and sunset. With window tint, you’ll have better visibility and a safer drive. Kids in the backseat won’t need the window shades that can cause blind spots.

Window tinting provides many benefits. If you’re looking for a professional window tinting company to tint your windows who understands the legal restrictions on tint, call Reeder’s Auto Tint & Ceramic Coatings at (727) 261-8468 for an appointment or free estimate on your vehicle.