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You love the way your car looks after its been detailed. You feel like it’s new again. So how do you keep that feeling between detailing services? There are some steps you can take to keep your car looking great for months after its been detailed.

Keep Your Car Clean

Sounds logical enough but for many people that simply means driving through the local car wash. That’s not always a great idea. Many car washes have scrub brushes that will erase the hard work your detailing company did. It’s best to rinse the car to remove any loose particles and then hand wash with a car safe washing product. Don’t be tempted to use your dish soap as that may remove the protective wax that was applied during your detailing services.

Use the Right Products

Products made for cleaning a car are superior to whatever you have under the kitchen sink. It comes down to taking the time to read the label. Make sure the cleaning or polishing product you choose won’t harm any of your vehicles surface. A common mistake is buying chrome wheel cleaner when you have aluminum wheels. Microfiber cloth is best for drying your car but don’t use the same cloth on your wheels as your paint and be sure to wash them after every use.

This goes for your windows too. All glass cleaner is not the same. In fact, brands like Windex can actually damage tinted windows. If you’ve invested in a quality window tint, ask the installer what window cleaners are safe for your windows. There is a difference between household glass cleaner and auto window cleaners.

Don’t Neglect the Inside

Running a vacuum on the interior will help cut down on wear and tear of the carpets. Using a leather cleaner to clean and condition between your detailing services will keep it looking its best. Also, be sure to clean out the trunk as well. Just because you’re not tracking dirt in and out doesn’t mean the stroller, football gear, or camping equipment isn’t.

If you’ve not had your car detailed but are interested in bringing back the new car look and feel, call Reeder’s Auto Tint & Trim. We’ll provide you with a free estimate and schedule an appointment for your detailing service. Reach us by calling 727-261-8468 or coming by our facility at 13355 Belcher Road in Largo.

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