Ceramic Coating

State of the art nano tech advancements offer superior ceramic auto coating and protection for whatever statement you decide to make.

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Opti-Coat Technology

  • 10H technology offers advanced scratch resistance, an active barrier from environmental impact.
  • Keeps your car looking brand new by protecting the glossy shine of your vehicle.
  • Helps cut time used for cleaning and external maintenance.
  • Permanent bond nano coating will not break down over time.
  • Water repellent surface helps keep your car cleaner, longer.

GTECHNIQ Finishing Product

  • Increases paint protection.
  • Never requires a wax coat for cleaning.
  • 18-24 month breakdown cycle allows for easier repaint if you decide you want a new color for your vehicle.
  • Offers environmental protection against wear and tear on your paint.
  • Gtechniq is restorative. It can make your older vehicle look brand new again.

Ceramic Coating Application

Applied professionally by an authorized GTECHNIQ dealer these coatings make your car look and feel satiny and luxurious. The nano tech that bonds the protectant to the clear coat on your vehicle is, in many cases, manufacturer guaranteed not to break down before advertised time has elapsed. With the amount of time and money saved on cleaning and waxing your vehicle, along with the added wear and tear protections, more and more people are opting for ceramic car coating at the time of purchase. As well as a growth in the after purchase market for owners of older cars wishing to restore value, and appearance to their vehicles.

Instead of trading in your car for a brand new model, maybe a ceramic coat is what you need to restore its new car look. Perhaps gift it to a newly licensed driver in the family? Whatever your reason, the experts at Reeder’s Auto Tint & Ceramic Coatings are waiting to help! Fill out our contact form or bring your car in for a free quote!