Ceramic Coating Your New Wheels

Applying a ceramic coating to your new wheels is the best way to protect your investment and keep them looking as good as they did the day you put them on your vehicle. While ceramic coating is also used in paint protection, wheels can be one of the first places your ride shows wear, but a ceramic coat on your wheels lets you prevent that from happening.

Is Ceramic Coating Better Than Powder Coating? What’s The Difference?

In a nutshell, powder coating is slightly harder than plain paint and comes in a variety of pretty colors. Ceramic coating, on the other hand, is a far more durable permanent option that protects your wheels from chipping and corrosion while keeping them looking shiny and clean.

Nano Ceramic Protect is a transparent ceramic coating that seals in the perfect finish your brand new wheels came with and keeps them looking glossy and pristine. Nano tech opti-coat 9H density offers the very best in wheel protection while adding a luxurious finish that enhances the appearance of your vehicle. Hydrophobicity tests conducted on wheels treated with this ceramic coating show why it’s so effective at weatherproofing against rain and mud; water slides right off the surface and any remaining moisture dries very quickly.

What Are The Advantages of Having a Ceramic Coating on Your Wheels?

Your wheels benefit from the coating in many ways. It keeps them clean and adds to the overall appearance of your vehicle. Your wheels have an extra barrier against scratches and dings from things you commonly drive over in the road, like loose gravel, leaves, mud, sticks, and sand. If you plan to take a road trip, be wary of snow and ice, too! The coating protects your wheels from UV effects, high temperatures, oxidation, corrosion, and premature aging.

And think of all the time you’ll save when you wash your car. Your neighbors might get a little jealous that you don’t have to spend half the day scrubbing dead bugs and bird poop off your wheels, since the coating makes them slide right off before they have a chance to stick.

Ceramic coating for your new wheels is definitely the way to go. You put a lot of time and money into your vehicle so it only makes sense to protect your investment in a way that’ll keep it looking its best and driving smoothly down the highway for years to come. The professional team at Reeder’s Auto Tint and Trim will make your wheels stand out from the crowd. Contact us today for a quote and to tell us your ideas!