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Auto enthusiasts and collectors have different reasons for detailing their cars than an owner of a mid-range sedan. If you think that your car “isn’t worth detailing” because it’s nothing special, your quite mistaken. Every car, no matter the make or model should be detailed, including new cars. Here are a few reasons why.

1.      Protection

A professional detail is quite different from the shine the dealer put on your car that may last a few weeks. It looks great the day you drive it off the lot but there is very little if anything really protecting your car’s finish. A professional detailer can remove any road dirt and then seal your clear coat which will help prevent damage.

2.      Tire Longevity

Your wheels and tires come in contact with a lot of stuff. When your detailer takes care of your tires, they are less likely to crack, especially in the sidewalls. The rims will look better plus protective coatings on them will prevent corrosion.

3.      Health

Every time you get into your car, you’re bringing the dirt, germs, microorganisms and other things into your car and rubbing them in the carpet. Even if you use rubber mats and wash them regularly, those microorganisms get into you air vents. A good detail which should include carpet cleaning removes those organisms and gets them out of your car, including the vents.

4.      Safety

Although you can wash your windows, keep your wiper blades replaced and wash your headlights, a detailer does more. They will remove the dirt from your brake pads and from inside your engine. One of the leading causes of engine damage is dirt that gets in. Replacing your filters does very little if your engine is covered in years of dirt.

5.      Value

Keeping your car detailed will preserve its color and the better your car looks, the more valuable it will be when you get ready to sell it. The small investment of detailing can pay off once you trade it in or sell it to an individual.

If you’re looking for a professional detailer who offers complete detailing both inside and out, call Reeder’s Auto Tint & Trim. We’re your local detailing company conveniently located in Largo at 13355 Belcher Road S, in Suite 201. Stop by or give us a call to at (727) 261-8468 to schedule your appointment.


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