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You may have tinted your own vehicle windows, but you’re wondering about the economics of tinting your fleet vehicles. When you buy a vehicle for your business, you’re investing in your company. Most cars, trucks and vans come with factory tinting and you may think that’s enough, but you should think again. After market window tints offer many benefits over those installed at the factory. Here are a few benefits of fleet vehicle window tinting.

Reduced Glare

If your drivers are on the road throughout the day driving, they’re constantly battling the bright Florida sun. Sometimes coming across one of our many bridges the sun reflects off the water and nearly prevents us from seeing at all. Other times the sun shines directly at us causing us to squint. You want your drivers to be able to see clearly and keep their eyes on the road so they arrive at their destination on time and safely. Window tints reduce glare keeping your staff safer.

Privacy & Security

Depending on the vehicle and what your business supplies, you may not just anyone peeking in your windows and checking out what’s in the car or van. When you choose darker window tint for rear windows and the back window, you’re making it harder for a robber to see what they might gain if they break it. Quality window tints also make it harder to shatter a window. They know this and may not even try if the windows appear tinted.


Your staff spends time in the car and you want them to be comfortable. Window tint can reduce the temperature of the vehicle even after it’s been sitting in the sun for several hours. This gives you and your staff several benefits. When the car isn’t as hot, it won’t take as long to cool down so there may be some savings in gas, especially if your staff remote starts the car and waits to get in it. If they don’t feel like the sun is blazing down on them because of the tint they’ll be happier too.

If you have one or more fleet vehicles and you’re considering tinting the windows, call Reeder’s Auto Tint & Trim. We’ll talk with you about pricing for all your cars, trucks and vans and schedule it so only one is out of the field per day. Give us a call at (727) 261-8468 or stop by our facility at 13355 Belcher Rd S, Sute 201 in Largo today.

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