Most cars in Florida have window tint. Many manufacturers send cars to Florida with a low level tint that’s legal throughout the country. Because window tinting laws allow for darker tints in Florida than some other parts of the country, many owners look to add an aftermarket window tint. Today we’re sharing with you some of the most frequently asked questions about aftermarket window tint.

Does the Tint Go on the Outside or Inside?

This is a valid question, especially coming from people who stop by our facility and see installation going on. We often measure out the window from the outside which may make it appear that’s where the final installation goes. However, your aftermarket window tint will be installed on the inside.

How Long Does the Installation Process Take?

It depends on the car and how many windows we’re installing. On average, a sedan takes 2 hours, but a pickup might take just an hour . Keep in mind, if we need to remove old window tint, we’ll need more time.

My Car Has Factory Window Tint but It’s not Dark Enough, Can I Tint Them Again?

Factory window tint isn’t actually window tint. It’s really colored glass. Because the glass is colored , we can install aftermarket window tint directly on the windows. Even if your windows are colored to the maximum legal limit in Florida, you may find some benefit of increased UV and heat rejection and glass shattering by installing a clear aftermarket window film.

I Had My Windows Tinted Once and They Bubbled, Why?

Although some bubbles are common in the curing process, they shouldn’t happen months or years after installation. When bubbles happen after it’s cured, it’s likely because the window wasn’t properly cleaned prior to installation or the product was inferior.

Will Window Film Prevent the Glass from Breaking?

Although the glass can still break, aftermarket window tint provides a few benefits. One is the fact it will keep a shattered window together, meaning if the window breaks, the small shards are less likely to fall into your car or on you. It also can increase security of the windows because the glass is harder to break than an untinted window.

We covered one of the more frequently asked questions in a separate blog earlier this month about your rear window defroster. Click here for more information. If you have other questions, feel free to call Reeder’s Tint & Ceramic Coatings at (727) 261-8468 or visit our Largo facility at 13355 Belcher Road, Suite 201.