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One of the most painful discoveries is that first scratch on your new car. Although you thought your dealership protected your car with their “paint protector” that’s really nothing more than a layer of car polish or wax. For most car owners, scratches are an inevitable part of owning a car but they shouldn’t be neglected.

Types of Scratches

There are three types of scratches. Each has a different solution for repair and restoration.

  1. Scratch and dent – These are often left by errant shopping carts, the kids’ bikes, or a careless driver. A scratch and dent needs to be looked at by a body shop. Sometimes they can pop the dent out and repaint the affected area, other times it requires more extensive repair.
  2. Paint scratch – When the scratch is through the protective coating and into the paint, you’ll see the car’s body. These scratches lead to rust and deterioration. The only way to permanently and properly fix it is to have that area repainted. If that’s not in your immediate budget or you don’t have time right away, you can protect it for a little while with wax. Rub a candle or your kid’s braces wax on it and you’ll have a short-term protection on it. Don’t put off the repair too long or you will end up with rust.
  3. Surface layer – If only the clear coat is scratched you’ll notice it, but your car’s body paint will protect the car from rust. You’ll want to have your automotive detailer clean up the scratch. Included in most complete details are repair and restoration of surface layer scratches. Ask you detailer if your will be repaired during your scheduled detail.

Can Scratches Be Prevented?

Although not all scratches can be prevented, some can. Surface layer scratches are much less common when you have your car professionally detailed. The detailing process include application of wax and coating products that help prevent scratches.

Paint scratches almost never happen if you have ceramic coating on your car. A ceramic coating will keep your car looking great for years. It’s a good investment if you plan on keeping your car. You can read more about our ceramic coating here.

Reeder’s Tint & Trim offers paint restoration, detailing, ceramic coating services plus window tinting. If you’re looking for a local business to help you keep your car looking great, look no further than Reeder’s. We’re conveniently located in Largo at 13355 Belcher Rd. S in Suite 201. Stop by or call for an appointment – (727) 261-8468.

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