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Choosing the right automotive detailer can be as difficult as choosing the right repair shop. You want a company you can trust to do the job right and one you can count on for years to come. As you begin looking you’re likely going to read reviews and look at websites, however, there are other steps you should take to find the right detailer.

Start with Their Location

Although every automotive detailer has to start somewhere, you want your car in a safe place. It’s easy to map a shop’s location and since your car will be there for several hours, you want it safe. Some people run their detailing shop from their garage and that’s ok as long as you understand that’s where they’re working from. Others come to you, which can be convenient, but it may also not be the best option (see our previous blog here for reasons why).

Get an Estimate

When the automotive detailer you’re considering gives you an estimate, ask how long they expect to have your car. Also ask how many people work on each vehicle. A quality interior and exterior detail takes 4-6-man hours depending on the size of the vehicle. If you’re considering a one-man shop and they say a few hours, you won’t get a complete or quality detail service.

If one estimate is significantly lower than the rest, you’re probably not going to receive good work. The lower price, the less work that goes into the detail and often the lower quality materials they’ll use. Also, if you’re asking for anything special, most detailers want to see what you’re asking for before providing a price.


Although your automotive detailer should stand by their work, they shouldn’t guarantee that they can remove a scrape without seeing your car. Sometimes scratches are simply too deep to fix with a simple detail. The same goes with your interior detail, some stains just can’t come up. However, a good automotive detailer will guarantee your satisfaction with the job they do.

Reeder’s Tint & Trim is a local automotive detailer in Largo. We use quality products and take time to do the job right on every car that comes in. Give us a call at (727) 261-8468 or stop by 13355 Belcher Road South, Suite 201 to learn more about our detailing services.


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