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One of the things people love about their new car is how clean and shiny it is. One of the biggest misunderstandings is the dealerships “paint protection”. Don’t fall for the myth that their paint protection will truly protect your car. In fact, you’ll get little more benefit than a good quality wax from their “paint protection.” What you really want is Gtechniq Automotive Ceramic Coating applied by a professional detailer.

Why Gtechniq Products

There are many ceramic coating products but few rival the true protection that you can get from Gtechniq. It can be applied to paint, metal, vinyl and glass and give a showroom shine to your car for years. Not only will your car look great but it’s protected. Love bugs, bird droppings, tar and other pollutants will more easily wash right off your car. Although nothing can protect your car completely from scratches, with Gtechniq you won’t have those small surface scratches that come from things like a jacket zipper rubbing against the car.

Choose a Gtechniq Accredited Installer

Unlike some ceramic coatings available online or in your automotive supply store, proper application of Gtechniq takes training and skill. You only want to choose a business who understands the importance of proper application. When you choose a business like Reeder’s Tint & Trim, you can be assured that your car will be properly cleaned and prepped before our multi-step installation process begins.

We’ll need to keep your car for at least one night to do the job right. When we start the process with a complete cleaning, we’ll then use the Gtechniq Panel Wipes to ensure that any contaminants and residue are completely removed. After that comes their C1 Lacquer Coating. Lastly comes the two coats of EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating.

Can We Help an Older Car?

Yes and no. We’ll have to inspect the car and then let you know how much paint rehabilitation is necessary to give you the look you want. Whether we work on your new car or an older car, the process requires a great deal of manual labor and it’s quite time intensive.

You’ll want to schedule an appointment for your new car ceramic coating application as soon as you know when you’ll receive your car. Call us at (727) 261-8468 for more information or to schedule your appointment today.


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