If you love the shine that your new car has, consider getting a ceramic coating. Ceramic coating can help keep that showroom shine for years. Here are three reasons you should bring your new car to us for ceramic coating.

1.    It Protects Your Investment

A new car isn’t cheap. One of the most frustrating things is when you get that first tiny scratch in your car. Maybe your belt buckle brushed up against it or maybe someone’s door leaned into your car. With ceramic coating chances are good that your car won’t have a scratch. In addition to preventing surface scratches it also helps reduce fading from the sun and pollution. When your car sits in the Florida sun all day, you want it protected from fading.

2.    It Makes Regular Cleanings Easier

Some people spend every Saturday morning cleaning their car. If you want to lessen the work, you want to have your new car ceramic coated. You’ll find that regular cleanings are easier because much of the road dirt rinses off. Bugs that use to leave their remains no matter how hard your cleaned now easily wipe right off. You may find that you can even skip a week of washing and still have your car look showroom clean.

3.     It Saves You Money Over Time

If you’ve previously had a professional wax several times a year to give your car a shiny new look, you know that the cost really adds up. If you plan on keeping your car and want it to continue to look great without waxing it four or more times a year, then get it ceramic coated. You’ll find that you won’t have to repair surface scratches or color correct your vehicle either.

If you’re looking at ceramic coating for your new car, call the experts at Reeder’s Auto Tint and Ceramic Coatings. We use only Gtechniq ceramic coating products for a superior finish. Bring your car by our convenient location in Largo at 13355 Belcher Road S in Suite 201 and we’ll give you a detailed proposal for ceramic coating your car and wheels. You can also call for more information or to schedule an appointment – (727) 261-8468.