Did you know that one in five people are diagnosed with skin cancer by age 70? Even more see the effects of skin damage in the form or wrinkles and “age spots.” When you choose a quality window tint for your car, you can reduce sun damage and the risk of skin cancer. With all the sun we get in Clearwater, we’re exposed more damaging UV rays than most people in the U.S. And, as our commutes seem longer every year, taking this simple precaution can make a big difference. Who puts sunscreen on to sit in their car on their commute after all?

Block Harmful UV Rays

Quality window film, like that from Llumar, blocks 99% of harmful UV rays. Exposure to ultraviolet rays (with wavelengths of 280-380nm) is the most common cause of skin cancer and skin damage. Drivers in the US are more likely to have sun damage and skin cancer on the left side of their body because of sun exposure while driving. Although the privacy glass your car may have come with is often tinted, it likely doesn’t protect you or your passengers from shattered glass and damaging UV rays. Adding a clear window film to the backseat for your smallest passengers can protect them as they grow.


You notice the difference when you’re standing in the sun or in the shade. Window film can give you and your passengers similar increased comfort. Even the lightest of tint options provides for a more comfortable ride. In fact, the AIR80 clear window film from Llumar rejects 43% of the total solar energy.

Call Your Local Llumar Window Film Installer

If you’re ready to be more comfortable in your car and protect your family from skin cancer and premature aging, call your local Llumar window film installer, Reeder’s Tint & Ceramic Coatings . We’re conveniently located at 13355 Belcher Road South in Suite 201 in Largo. You can call (727) 261-8468 or stop by for a free estimate and to schedule the installation of quality window tint from Llumar.