window tint Photo Courtesy of Llumar Window Film’s Emulator

Almost every car has some sort of window tint, even if it’s just the top of the windshield. When we talk to people about their car and installing window tint, we hear three questions regularly. Because we use Llumar window tint, we’re going to answer these questions based on that brand only. Not all window films are the quality or offer the benefits of Llumar so be sure to ask your window tint installer what brand they are installing before assuming that these answers will be the same for them.

1.      How Dark Do I Need to Go to Help My Car Be Cooler?

When you choose a Llumar window tint installer, you don’t have to go dark to get the benefit of heat rejection. Llumar offers a clear window film that can reject much of the sun’s heat. Yes, darker shades do keep the inside of the car cooler but not significantly so with the right brand window film. If you want privacy, choose a dark film, if you want heat rejection, choose the right installer who uses Llumar brand films.

2.      How Long Before the Film Bubbles?

Your window film shouldn’t bubble. You may notice small bubbles during the curing process but the myth that window film only lasts a few years and then bubbles only applies to brands with inferior technology. A good brand of window film has time and heat tested adhesive that stays true. The same goes for window tints that look purple after time. That color change is due to dye failure. At Reeders we do not use any dye based film.

3.      How is it Going to Look on My Car?

You want to choose the right film for your car so it not only makes your car more comfortable but also looks great. While some shops try to show you what it will look by holding the film to your window or by pointing to another car on their property with the same film, because we use Llumar window film, you can use their online tool to choose just the look you want for your car. Select from nearly every make and model car in the factory colors and you’ll see how yours will look. Here is the link – The image on this page is from their tool and is a 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium.

Trust Reeder’s Auto Tint & Ceramic Coatings is a Llumar window tint installer and you’ll know your tint will look great and last. Call 727-261-8468 or come by our facility at 13355 Belcher Road in Largo. We’ll provide you with a free estimate on window tint for your vehicle.