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detailing servicesHave you thought about car detailing services but wondered what it really does for your car? It’s more than a wash and vacuum. It’s about bringing back the showroom shine and new car look. Now that lovebug season is over, it’s a great time to get your car detailed. Most professional auto detailing companies offer many levels of service. Here are some examples of what your detail may include. You’ll want to talk to the auto detailing company about what you expect and what they offer before dropping your car off. Let’s break it down into the interior and exterior services.

Interior Detailing Services

Nearly all interior services include washing the windows and vacuuming the carpets but some detailers offer more. If you have a leather interior, you can request that they clean and treat the leather. This may include using a variety of products to clean and help preserve the leather to keep it from cracking. Fabric interiors can be cleaned as well, often with the same process that a couch in your home is cleaned with. Some detailing series offer fabric guard to help prevent stains in the future.

Carpet cleaning is a popular option. Beyond the basic vacuum, they can stain treat and shampoo the carpets and floor mats. This not only makes the interior look better but removes many of the unknown smells from the interior of the vehicle.

Exterior Detailing Services

You can run through a car wash or hand wash it yourself but that doesn’t begin to approach the level of clean that an exterior detail provides. Although services differ from detailer to detailer, most include wash, wax, polish, and tire cleaning. On top of that, there are many sealants to help protect your car for up to a year.

Detailing services that really know what they’re doing use clay bars to remove the environmental debris that’s in your clearcoat. You can’t see it and a standard wash and wax doesn’t remove it. Regular clay bar treatments, about twice a year, will help your paint last longer and look better longer than not using such a product.

If you want to work with an auto detailing company who offers a wide range of detailing services including clay bar treatments, call Reeder’s Auto Tint & Trim at (727) 261-8468. We’re conveniently located in Largo on Belcher Road.

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