ceramic clear coating benefits

If you have a newer car and haven’t had a ceramic clear coat applied, your car is missing out. The benefits of ceramic clear coating go beyond helping the paint color look better longer. In fact, this small investment in your car’s exterior will help it look great for five or more years.

In the 50’s and 60’s auto paint was different. Today’s paint is water based and fades much faster than older paint. This is because the water in the paint evaporates leading to the fading. Your car’s paint is porous which allows contaminants in the air, water, and from the road to get into the paint, further impacting the color.

The Ceramic Clear Coating Process

When you bring your car to a ceramic clear coating company, the first thing they’ll do is inspect the vehicle. They’ll talk about any chips or scratches they see and explain how you’ll be happier with the end product if those minor imperfections are fixed prior to the application of the clear coat. Once you agree to move forward with the work, it’s a three-step process:

  1. We remove the contaminants from the exterior. Things like tar, bug guts, and bird droppings all need to be off your car before we can begin step two.
  2. The vehicle is polished to correct the color. We work on this and get your approval before moving any further.
  3. We apply the liquid glass coating and allow it to cure.

Benefits of Clear Coat

Once you have a clear coat, your car is now 99% hydrophobic. Contaminants in water won’t impact your vehicle. It also has a UV protective layer making your car less likely to fade. It’s easier to clean and even after love bug season, you won’t have the mess on your car like you did before the clear coat. You can’t compare wax to clear coat.

If you’re interested in a free estimate for your vehicle, stop by Reeder’s Auto Tint & Ceramic Coatings at 13355 Belcher Rd S STE 201 in Largo or call (727) 261-8468 to learn more. We offer a 5 year and 9 year guaranteed process. We also offer a six month freshen program to help keep your car looking great.